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NAZA Quest Sees Chevrolet as the Right Vehicle for Malaysian Police

KUALA LUMPUR, 23 JUNE 2011: NAZA Quest Sdn Bhd today presented 60 Chevrolet Captiva to the Royal Malaysian Police to be used as the official vehicle for the upcoming 2nd General Police & Special Equipment Exhibition and Conference (GPEC ASIA 2011).

The mock keys to the vehicles were presented by Datuk Maruan Mohd Said, the Chief Operating Officer of NAZA Quest to the Acting Kuala Lumpur Police Chief, Dato’ Amar Singh at a simple ceremony at the Chevrolet 3S Centre in Jalan Ampang. Apart from the 60 Chevrolet Captiva which will be used to ferry the guests, Chevrolet will also be displaying one unit of Chevrolet Cruze and two units of Chevrolet Captiva in full police livery at the 2nd GPEC ASIA 2011.

“NAZA Quest, as part of NAZA Group of Companies, is proud to be associated with GPEC Asia 2011. As a Malaysian conglomerate, it is our duty and responsibility to support such a prestigious event. As the host nation, it is up to us to ensure the smooth flow of the event. And to facilitate this, we are more than happy to present the Chevrolet Captiva to the Royal Malaysian Police to be used during the event. It serves as an important vote of confidence for Chevrolet brand and the reputation of the cars as a safe, reliable and premium choice for the discerning individual,” said Datuk Maruan.

“The Chevrolet is an iconic American brand. From 1911 until now, the brand has gone through various changes. However, one thing that has remained constant is our never-ending quest to make Chevrolet synonymous with a safe and pleasurable driving experience. In fact, Chevrolet is preferred car for the United States Police, as the high performance and versatility of the cars make them ideal choice to carry out law enforcement duties. We are very keen to explore any such opportunities in Malaysia,” he added.

The GPEC Asia 2011 will be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre from 27th – 29th June and is a closed specialised trade show exclusively for members of authorities for the business with police equipment, security technology and services. Ministers, Chief of Police, Members of Parliament and other related law enforcement officers from 14 countries are expected to attend this trade show.

Exhibitors from 11 countries will be exhibiting their wares and services including C41 systems, forensic IT research, criminal investigation, vehicle technology, traffic control and road safety equipment, task force technology, body armor, ballistic protection, non-lethal and self—defense weapons, first aid and rescue equipment as well as logistics.