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Chevrolet Sonic lands in Malaysia from RM78,888.00

Chevrolet Malaysia has just launched a new subcompact vehicle named Chevrolet Sonic or the “Sonic”. The Sonic is available as both a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback, giving it a presence in the highly competitive B-segment. The Sonic promises a far superior refinement, plus better safety, and higher performance. It is also one of the safest, especially among value-leading compacts when compared to other vehicles of its size and price class. This vehicle shows a lot of soul with fresh styling, agile driving dynamics and a spirited engine.

Designed to deliver youthful exuberance for modern, on-the-go lifestyles, with precision handling and performance derived from a proven, global platform, the Sonic is targeted at young, trendy and upcoming generation, also otherwise known as the Generation Y. It features driver and passenger airbags, fuel economic efficiency of up to 8.1 L/100 km and a special introductory price. The Sonic is equipped with a 1.4L engine, eye- catching 16” rims for a sportier look, besides a spacious interior and large rear boot space in both the sedan and hatchback models.

The Sonic comes with a standard 6-speed automatic transmission. The highlight of the Sonic’s cabin is the motorcycle-style instrument cluster, which combines an analogue rev counter with a digital speedometer. The dashboard is otherwise conventionally styled, with a two-tone dashboard. Overall, The Sonic is supremely comfortable, refined, and tight, with less road noise than most cars in its same category.

According to Datuk Wira SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin, Joint Group Executive Chairman and CEO of Naza Group of Companies, today.s customers bring a new level of expectations. “The Sonic is mainly aimed at the new generation consisting of young-upcoming executives and first-jobbers, cutting across the male and female genders. This group of consumers is highly-sociable, fashion-conscious, expressive, attention-grabbing and most-importantly, fun-loving. This is also a group of people who loves to change convention, with strong desires to be different. With this in mind, the Sonic has been specifically designed to express the emotions prevalent to this group of consumers, and put the „fun. back into driving. The Sonic is also ideal for the newly married couples and those who wish to purchase a second household vehicle.

“The fun in the Sonic isn’t just about its Euro-ride handling. It is also in looking at the edgy, and bold design, and being in an interior that continues with the chic-modern and unconventional approach. The new Sonic is ready for your multi-dimensional life. It’s ready for sociability, with surprising space for everyone and clever ways to fit everything in. It’s ready for the times you just want to enjoy the drive.

Datuk Wira SM Faisal also shared that the subcompact car segment is the largest passenger car segment in Malaysia which contributes to over 30% of the TIV (Total Industry Volume). “With the introduction of Sonic, we hope to be able to capture a sizeable portion of the segment. Our goal has always been to bring a versatile great looking subcompact car into the market with personality, refined driving manners and connectivity for a fun ride now feel. The Sonic is the right car for the times as it’s both attractive and well-equipped to accompany you for the journey, where-ever it may be” he added.

The first key to the new Sonic was presented to the country.s only female Olympic medalist, Pandelela Rinong by Datuk Wira SM Faisal SM Nasimuddin at the launch. The Sonic launch was witnessed by the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB Dato. Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek who congratulated Naza for another successful event and also their support to the National Diving Team.

More exciting information about Chevrolet Malaysia may be obtained at http://chevrolet.com.my/

and http://www.facebook.com/MYChevrolet

Follow @Chevrolet_MY for the latest updates and offerings of Chevrolet Malaysia. For more information about the new Chevrolet Sonic visit www.chevrolet.com.my

Source : www.dsf.my